Wednesday, February 21, 2024

For sale: the all-new 180 2nd Ave., where a restaurant is in the works

Yesterday, at long last, workers removed the remaining scaffolding, plywood, and sidewalk obstructions at 180 Second Ave., where a mixed-used residential building has been in the works for the past seven years here between 11th Street and 12th Street. (H/T Tyler!)

A few items to note here.

For starters, the bike lane is open again for the first time since — anyone? — 2017?

Also! The building is on the sales market for $12.5 million.

Here's more via the listing at Sotheby's:
180 Second Avenue presents a compelling opportunity with three potential end uses:

• All or part of the residential portion of the building could be owner-occupied, with the remainder rented for income;
• As an attractive income-generating asset, by renting out the entire building;
• As a development project, by filing for conversion to a mixed-use condominium with commercial on the ground floor and 6 residential units above (subject to the necessary approvals)...
Meanwhile, before the plywood came down, EVG reader Choresh Wald noticed the other day that the retail space displays "LaCantina" branding on the windows...
We haven't heard anything yet about a restaurant opening here. The Compass listing notes that the retail space "is under lease to an established restaurant/bar operator, expected to take possession in 2024."

So stay tuned for more about LaCantina. [Updated: Ah, so LaCantina is the door-window brand! 😂😂Thanks to the commenters for that!]

The Ninth Ward was the pre-gut renovation/extension tenant. That New Orleans-themed bar closed in February 2016. The Ninth Ward was said to return to this space after the gut renovations, but that was in mid-2017.

The Chicago-based Polish National Alliance was the previous owner of No. 180. The building housed the Józef Pilsudski Institute of America, the largest Polish-American research institution specializing in the recent history of Poland and Central Eastern Europe. (They found a new home in Greenpoint.) According to public records, an LLC bought the building for $6.75 million in June 2014. City Realty listed the new owner as Robert Stern.

Approved work permits show that workers are converting the building to residential use and adding two floors — from five to seven — in the process ... with one residential unit on each floor.  

Per the listing: "The building's design reflects a commitment to sustainability, and each of the residences is constructed to conform to Passive House standards, while the bulkhead is designed to accept solar panels for water heating."


Anonymous said...

So is the building being marketed as an unfinished project? The price is way too low to be sold as a fully completed building.

Anonymous said...

Geez! I didn't think architectural design could get any worse.
Looking at this "gem in the rough", I'm pretty sure that we have a new winner for the ugliest NYC structure since the construction of Madison Square Garden and Penn Station during the 1960's.

And we're so "lucky" to have it in the EV.

Older Historian said...

an Incredibly ugly mess with not a hint of decent architectural features further desecrating what is still in many ways an amazing and wonderful neighborhood - I've lived all of my 70+ years right here - and thank god for rent stabilization!(Did this right wing Supreme Court actually stand up for ordinary people yesterday?!?!?)

Anonymous said...

Gives new meaning to the word "ugly" AND this building sticks out (literally) like a sore thumb.

But none of that will likely matter to the seller, or the new owner, or whoever chooses to live there, as none would recognize "good" taste & design, even if it bit them in the ankle.

Cosmo said...

What an ugly building. The neighbors on either side must really love having those windows jut out, giving them a clear view into their apartments. Ugh.

I'm happy Pangea is finally back in view after having been hidden by all the construction mess.

XTC said...

Looks like something one might see in an upscale favela in S. America. It's not even like it's simple or basic or minimal. It's post modern is now synonymous with a complete lack of taste or charm with the only consideration being maximum profit.

Exterminator said...

Wow, is that ugly. 9:02 Cosmo, you’re
right on the money. How rude and
disrespectful to the neighboring buildings.
But ever since our elected officials
began disregarding the zoning laws,
anything goes as long as there is money
to be made. Just ask ‘non-profit’ NYU

Anonymous said...

Bring back 9th Ward!!!

DuchessofNYC said...

I think they should put go-go dancers in all those front window spaces. I mean, you're kind of on display there, no? Or we could cage Influencers up in those glassed-in rooms, where they can do their influencing from a safe distance.

A Truth said...

The Cantina windows are a window brand, not a restaurant. I confirmed with worker this morning.

noble neolani said...

This "brutalist" revival building just needs a hundred tags for a finishing touch.

Anonymous said...

Very true is the brand of the doors

Dan said...

They made the bike lane unridable and dangerous for YEARS more than should've been allowed. I wonder who was paid off for this.

An ugly mess of a design. Good grief.

Anonymous said...

I love the design. I hope it stays like this, with all of the raw, exposed concrete. I don't think there is anything rude about the jutting out balconies. Far worse are my firescapes, where the neighbors are constantly peeking in my windows. If I could afford it I would snap this place up right away.

That is hilarious about the Cantina brand windows/Mexican restaurant confusion.


This building looks unfinished, a bunch of poured concrete with no exterior. Blade Runner looks cozy in comparison.


@ 9:22AM You're funny.

Anonymous said...

According to the Sotheby’s listing, the building is being sold
as a “white box”, with finishes, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. being left to the next owner to complete. it includes a commercial grade Elevator and all electric,
plumbing and heating/ac are in place.