Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Yuca Bar returns to service tonight after renovations

Photos and reporting by Stacie Joy 

Yuca Bar is set to reopen this evening after a month-plus-long renovation on the NW corner of Avenue A and Seventh Street. 

The bar-restaurant serving Latin cuisine celebrated its 20th anniversary this past September, and ownership decided to renovate the space...going for, they said, a Miami-NYC-Tulum Caribbean feel.
The owners said they would freshen up the exterior in the spring ... as well as participate in the new outdoor dining program and create a structure that adheres to the just-released guidelines for the allotted April-November timeframe. 

Yuca Bar opens this evening at 5 for dinner (no daytime service yet). They will offer brunch this coming weekend, with the bar open for late-night service, and will have regular hours after all the renovations are completed. They plan to still work on parts of the space during the day. 

One last item: There had been some speculation about their lease and whether they would stay or if the landlord would raise the rent. Proprietors confirmed that they negotiated a new lease and plan to stick around for another 20 years (or more).


Pennys herb co. said...

Now that is a great landlord “Leshko”-♥️🥇🥊🥊🥊

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in any opinions on this question:

This place seems to convert to a party vibe on weekend nights, with a mirror ball, a velvet rope, and "scenesters" lining up to get in.


Is this place mostly for the in-crowd to party, and less about the kitchen? Or is the food they serve destination-worthy?

Anonymous said...

I had brunch there on Saturday. So happy to have them back.

Donald said...

Congradulations. Looking forward to the greast food drinks.

Anonymous said...

The food is mid and very overpriced. The drinks are so watered down it’s insulting. They definitely cater to a particular crowd. It isn’t locals that’s for sure. The bridge and tunnel crowd can have fun lining up to pay a cover to go into a dive bar.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to brunch, been going here for 20 years. Love this corner, Miss Lilys isn’t bad but definitely miss 7A for brunch.

Urno Talbot said...

Remember when it was a good Indian restaurant. im old.

Anonymous said...

We don’t want this proliferation of bars in our neighborhood, because they only serve to diminish our quality of life.