Monday, February 19, 2024

Flashbacks: A wedding at McSorley's Old Ale House!

Photos courtesy of Jason Sheehy 

This past weekend, McSorley's celebrated 170 years at 15 E. Seventh St. near Cooper Square. 

Here's but a piece of the bar's history, which EVG reader Jason Sheehy shared from late last summer. (You may recognize Jason as a proud owner of one of the Gem Spa signs.) 

For starters, McSorley's is the favorite bar in the city for Jason and his girlfriend Regina. 

"The communal tables bring everyone together, and we have met some of our best friends sitting at those tables," he said. 

So when it came time for the wedding, they figured why not hold it in their favorite place. 

The ceremony took place at 10 a.m. before the bar opened for the day this past Aug. 31. There were light and dark mugs of McSorley's and bagels from Tompkins Square Bagels for the 70-plus people from around the country in attendance...
Gregory de la Haba, the co-owner and operator of McSorley's, said the bar has hosted weddings in the past but very rarely

"We've had a few of our family and close friends (regulars) get married inside. But only once in a blue moon will we allow [someone] to marry inside ... they must be true regulars — for years — like Jason and Regina," he said, adding with a laugh: Otherwise, we'd be officiating weddings at McSorley's every day."

Said Jason, in the Yankees cap in the photos: "This bar is rich in history, and we are more than excited to be just a tiny part of that."

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Wexlerrules said...

I HIGHLY recommend the book "Mcsorley's Wonderful Saloon" by Joseph Mitchell, A+