Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Now $1.50, 99¢ Fresh Pizza enters a new era

Top photo by Steven

On the ever-shifting budget pizza front, new signage arrived Sunday at 71 Second Ave., marking the change from 99¢ Fresh Pizza to $1.50 Fresh Pizza here between Fourth Street and Fifth Street...
As far as we can recall, this is the first price increase for the sliceria since its debut 10 years ago. (Bring back Cool Gear!)

And 99¢ Fresh Pizza isn't the only local slice shop to up the price by 51 cents. 99¢ Pizza debuted mid-March 2023 at 418 E. 14th St., just east of First Avenue. By June, their budget slice was going for $1.50. 

However, it took ownership until this past October to make the change signage official. (Thanks to EVG reader Tom for this shot from the fall...)


Liam R said...

This was the second best budget slice in the city, behind 99 Cent Fresh on 6th Ave and 8th St which closed a bit ago.

Anonymous said...

this really is the best cheap pizza anywhere in the area. La Vera nearby is pretty good but pricey. employees are always nice too. I was amazed they kept it 99c for so long.

Anonymous said...

Tried La Vara pizza over the weekend was very good will be back