Wednesday, February 7, 2024

The 9th Precinct's Sector D NCOs are hosting a Build the Block meeting tomorrow afternoon

The 9th Precinct is hosting a Sector Safety Summit tomorrow (Feb. 8) afternoon for East Village residents and business owners — this time for those who live in Sector D. 

This Sector encompasses the north side of Seventh Street to the south side of 14th Street from the west side of First Avenue to the east side of Broadway. (Find your sector here.) 

The meeting is tomorrow (Thursday) at 3 p.m. at the Regal Union Square on Broadway at 13th Street (The auditorium will not be showing a film, though you can stay and see "The Beekeeper" on your own dime.)

As for these Sector meetings: "This is an avenue for you to voice your grievances or concerns with issues in and around the neighborhood."

This is part of the NYPD's Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCO) initiative. The 9th Precinct is split into four sectors, with two officers assigned to each sector. Find a list of the 9th Precinct's NCOs here

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Anonymous said...

think they still have $1 lavazzas at the REGAL, a bit of an incentive right there.