Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Renovation watch: 175 E. Houston St., soon to be home to a retro space via team MáLà Project

Thanks to the readers who wrote in about 175 E. Houston St. (aka 200 Allen St.) ... where the formerly papered-over windows now reveal the under-renovation interior of the next tenant, Only Love Strangers... a retro concept featuring Mediterranean cuisine and live jazz...
... and the Allen Street side...
The team at the MáLà Project at 122 First Ave. (now with two locations in Midtown) is behind this project. They appeared before Community Board 3 back in December 2022. (The PDF of their questionnaire is here.) 

You can find the placeholder website here... and an Instagram account here.

Several applicants have kicked the tires on this space through the years to no avail. As far as we can recall, the place has been empty since Preserve 24's eviction in 2014.

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Brian Van said...

I remember Preserve24 being a bad neighbor. But when anyone moves to kick out a retail tenant because of liquor license issues, I never hear that there is any downside to it in terms of average time it takes to get a new lessor into the space... around the corner you have the old Sixth Ward that closed around the same time and also never reopened with anything... neither was a huge loss but it's something to take into account when there are now so many empty storefronts due to landlords mispricing their spaces.