Sunday, December 14, 2008

More trendspotting! Fancy cocktail bars for serious drinkers

The Chicago Sun-Times today has an article titled "Pouring on the charm: New York's latest trend takes the old private club and mixes in a new twist." It's written by a New York-based freelancer and examines "haunts for serious drinkers" such as PDT, Death & Co., Tailor, Pegu Club and Doc Holliday's (OK! Again, just checking if you're still with me...)

Hmm...So, who's pushing this serious cocktails trend? In the previous post, the writer discloses that he was a guest of NYC and Company.

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SB said...

oh my god!! these people are pretentious assholes!

"With a little more time," Meehan vows, "no one will have to suffer through another screwdriver."

Newsflash- you're a bartender. it's not rocket science & ANYONE can learn your silly little recipes if they want to, but they don't take their drinks as seriously as you take yourselves. you're not special, you're BARTENDERS. get over yourselves. Oh, and people LIKE screwdrivers & it's ok. what's next? banning beer & blue collar workers?