Monday, December 8, 2008

Soupy Sales (sorry, it's Monday morning)

Esquared has a post on a new boutique called The 1929 on Mott Street. As the Daily News reports:

A new SoHo boutique named The 1929 — after the Depression — and a place where fashionistas and the down-and-out soon could be rubbing shoulders. The street level store on 179 Mott St. is decked out with racks of snazzy dresses, pants and tops by independent designers.

The basement level has been transformed into an art and performance space by night and a spot where hungry shoppers, or even passersby, can pick up a free bowl of soup and coffee during the day.

The store is inspired by the Great Depression,” said store manager Aaron Genuth, 25, one of three friends who created the business.

And there's one comment to the Daily News piece so far:

SinisterCadre Dec 7, 2008 4:59:14 PM
This is the epitome of tackiness. Who says people in SoHo have class? Just who do they expect to buy these expensive clothes? Definitely not someone who would resort to patronizing a soup kitchen. These people deserve to be slapped.


hntrnyc said...

Uhhhh.....I followed all the links waiting for the punchline....and then felt very stupid since I didn't get the joke. And then I realized that this is for real? Or is this a Banksy stunt?

EV Grieve said...

Yeah, HG, this seemed like a gag to me as well. But it is for real.