Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Atlantic City now apparently just as soulless as the Bowery

Page Six Magazine this week has a feature on New Jersey, which they bill as the new New York. Seriously. So:

According to the article:

Atlantic City became the place for pasty hipsters this summer. "It is the new post-ironic destination," says Alexis Swerdloff, managing editor of Papermag.com. She has seen plenty of the flannel shirt–wearing, Parliaments-smoking contingency head for the revitalized seaside resort town since the July opening of the Chelsea Hotel. Paul Sevigny and Matt Abramcyk, the duo behind Manhattan hot spot the Beatrice Inn, consulted on the hotel's fifth-floor nightclub and literally moved their scene down to AC in July with a free party bus, to hype the modern, chic space. "Once it was announced that these guys were involved, it gave AC more cred," Alexis says. And since then, Sean Avery, Chloë Sevigny, John Mayer, members of Maroon Five and James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem have all visited — and changed the notion that Atlantic City is for pensioners carrying social security checks, oxygen tanks and crab legs they stole from the buffet.

Ohhh! Maroon Five! Later in the piece:

Still, the boardwalk is not quite gentrified, thanks to a Hooters to Go restaurant and various cheap sundry stands. "The thing to do is to buy a cheesy Atlantic City loose tank top from one of them," Alexis suggests. "Hipsters wear them with their cut-off jeans shorts and boots."

Reminds me that I need to get back down to Atlantic City before it's completely ruined. Will head to Tony's Baltimore Grill on Atlantic Avenue near the Tropicana...

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