Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New New York bands get glitzy package in the glossies

Picked up the most recent issues of Spin and Rolling Stone to help pass the time on a recent trip.

First, there was Spin, a magazine I've always liked...though I haven't looked at one in some time...There was the feature titled "The New New York Cool," which offered mini-profiles on Lissy Trullie, Crystal Stilts and School of Seven Bells.

Fine. I always prefered the old New York cool. But I'm willing to learn!
Next! Rolling Stone. Another publication I haven't looked at in eons. Hmm, forgot just why... Taylor Swift is on the cover? Oh, right. Now I remember!

Then there's this...the most important thing being, PHOTOS BY THEO WENNER. Ah, a hard-working young man finally gets a big break! Anyway! "The East Village rock scene gets a sleek makeover." The hottest 2009 looks! Which are? No shirt! White shirt! Black shirt! Red pants! Black pants!


hntrnyc said...

Grieve, you deserve battle pay for enduring even the reading of those stories in the first place.
Rolling Stone has been hopeless since maybe the mid-90's and Spin....I guess they are trying to sell magazines.
But the larger point is that we are in a very, very, stale period of music right now. I long ago gave up on the American music press and always looked to the UK for hope. But now, Q and NME seem to cover the same horrible acts as the American press does. Blame it on globalization? Nah, music and the mainstream music press just needs a serious enema...

EV Grieve said...

As I write this, Plain White T's -- Hey There Delilah is playing on Flashback Alternatives on iTunes.... Someone is making a sick joke.