Friday, July 3, 2009

Posts that I never got around to posting: People on Ninth Street throw away really big TVs

And this is still tiny compared to the one Slum Goddess found here.


Larry Slade said...

I've been wondering how to get a 26" CRT TV that I got for cheep from the super after someone left it in another apt in the building, out of my place and down almost 6 floors. I hardly ever turn it on and it takes up too much space.

NYC taxi photo said...

YeS!! I just got the coupons for the digi box in the mail, I guess I'll start looking for the big screens in the e.v. while I drive the weekend. too bad there's not really much to actually watch even when the tv works

patty bruce said...

ha ha ha! i remember seeing this tv on the way to work last month. (i live on 9th).