Monday, July 20, 2009

CB3 to explore bar-related noise issues on Avenue A?

As you may know, two new bars opened this summer on Avenue A between 12th Street and 13th Street. We haven't talked much about Destination, now at the corner of 13th and A in the former Boysroom space. Mostly because we don't know much about it. So we looked it up. Here's a description from Grub Sreet:

Destination has what one of the operators (they include owners of Paladar and Iggy’s Karaoke Bar) has already deemed a “make-out corner,” and there are Jell-O shots with gummy tequila worms and whiskey-infused Rice Krispie treats.

The double whammy of Destination and Superdive (both taking over spaces that have been empty for more than a year, if not longer in the case of the Boysroom) are apparently creating quality-of-life issues for residents. Based on these fliers someone distributed on Avenue A, it looks as if the CB3 is ready to listen.

There is a phone number on the flier. I'll pass it along if you'd like it.


Jeremiah has the following photo today... "NO MORE LIQUOR LICENSES."


Laura Goggin Photography said...

Gummy worms and rice crispy I know where to go for my afternoon snack.

~evilsugar25 said...

i can hear screaming all weekend nights long, until like 6am, when my windows are open. but i just feel like there is no way anything will happen if these places are making money. which they are. face it, we live on a campus now.