Thursday, July 23, 2009

WIll Permanent Brunch be serving booze?

Permanent Brunch, at 95 First Ave, near Sixth St., apparently finally opens tonight or Monday. The place was supposed to open last fall, but didn't. Since then, they've collected assorted stop work orders. (Looks like they may owe the city $5,000 too.)

Whatever. People buying a few of those $6 doughnuts will take care of that!

Meanwhile, in yesterday's post on PB's bacon bar, Goggla asked this: Do they have a liquor license? Good question! The writeup at UrbanDaddy, which specializes in getting the scoops on the douchiest places around, mentioned something about Bloody Marys. Though I didn't finish the article. (You try to finish it!) A doozy of a piece on PB in the Examiner mentions a "Champagne List."

I didn't see an active liquor license listed for PB on the SLA Web site. [Update: A commenter says PB purchased the license from the previous tenant.]

Perhaps after serving brunch for a few months, some new owners can come in with a big dumpster. They fill it with booze. Anyone is welcome to swim in the alcohol -- just as long as you have a reservation. The dumpster can fit up to 60 people. The name: Permanent Drunk.


Jeremiah Moss said...

this is going onto 1st Ave between 5th and 6th? are they nuts? that little block, with its tiny, narrow sidewalks, is already impossible to walk on. it's a nightmare of crowds, most of them waiting to get into the Indian joints there. this is going to be a disaster, especially if they're serving liquor as you suggest.

i predict this will be the next place to hate.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

I'm trying to remember if the previous place (an overpriced soul food joint) served alcohol. I ate in there once, but don't recall.

Yeah, the sidewalk nightmare...that's my biggest concern. I can't tell you how many fights I've had with morons standing around on the sidewalk who wouldn't let me get up to my own freaking apartment.

Anonymous said...

The people congregated on Ave. C in front of the Sunburnt Cow for the drink-and-drown weekend brunch are also a special group of self-involved loudmouths.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they acquired the liquor license from the previous tenant.

Jill said...

Since when did a stop work order stop any work? Where are they from, Mars?

Anonymous said...

The previous owner (holding the liquor license) is now a co-owner of PB

Anonymous said...

Yes. Clyde Vanel. He's running for NYC City Council this year.