Friday, July 24, 2009

Butter Lane will revisit liquor license application in the fall

As you may know, Butter Lane Cupcakes was looking to apply for a liquor license (beer and wine only). Maria Baugh, one of the shop's owners, discussed Butter Lane's intentions in an e-mail to me back in June. (For special events, promotions, wine pairings with cupcakes, etc.) Anyway, Butter Lane initially appeared on the CB3/SLA docket in June and July, but their name was later scratched.

I asked Maria for an update:

We are postponing the application until fall. We're expanding more quickly than we had anticipated in different areas -- wholesale and catering, for example -- and need to concentrate on those for the moment. But we will pursue in the fall.


Anonymous said...

Why on Earth does a bakery selling cupcakes need a liquor license? Are they expecting Homer Simpson to stop by for a dozen cupcakes and a few pints of Duff?

Anonymous said...

yeah that's a bit obnoxious. It reminds me of how mama's restaurant always had this great meatloaf, and then one day thaey started wrapping it in bacon. ugh, just keep it simple and stick to what works.

Anonymous said...

This is outrageous: a cupcake store requesting a liquor license. I live in the East Village, which is overrun with liquor licences, bringing noise, crowds and traffic to a community that was at one time a pleasant residential neighborhood. If this store applies for a license, I will be there to oppose it.