Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rockrose wants you to "do it all" and "live large" on Water Street (now with prices!)

Rockrose continues pimping, er, primping 200 Water St. in the Financial District, home of the former NYU dorm turned luxury rentals. Given the original new slogans, "do it all" and "live large"...

Rockrose is either marketing to recent grads or former readers of Trump Magazine.

And The 200 Water Street Web site now has a price list for rentals.

Let's see: 449-square-foot studios start at $1,700...and they go up to the 1,300-square-foot studio duplex with home office and sleeping loft for $3,850.

Also! Speaking of people likely to order pizza...Grub Street and Eater reported that the new Grimaldi's on John Street will deliver pizza for free to 200 Water Street. Or! If you go the Grimaldi's, you won't have to wait in line!

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bryan said...

Good lord. The Water Taxi Beach is a selling point?

I think you're absolutely right about the pitch to recent grads. They probably figure they have a large number of former students out there who've already lived there -- and now can do it with roof access and a stepped-up rec room!

EV Grieve said...

Hi Bryan,

Thanks for the comment. Yeah, funny selling point — the Water Taxi Beach is open, what, three months a year? And I love the sound of a "tenant lounge with billards." Has all the sexiness of, say, a stay at the hospital.

Bowery Boogie said...

former students/new grads don't have jobs to shell out that cash.

bryan said...

You'd be surprised how many might. And if you have a couple roommates, it's not that much more than you were already paying for the same room -- but you get bonus amenities.

Regardless of whether they can afford it, the promo material certainly seems to be aiming for that demographic, the same way the big yellow-striped monstrosity at William and Beaver did a few years ago. The promo tag on the Water Street pamphlet says "Keep your perspective, change your view." Sounds like they're aiming directly for a market they already know well.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

I think you've found your new blog loft...can't wait for the pizza party.

bryan said...

You'd be surprised how many might. And if you have a couple roommates, it's not that much more than you were already paying for the same room

I should say "more than [your parents] were."

I have to say that most students don't fall into the douchebag-in-training category, and I've known a lot of them in the last decade here, but enough of them do to fill a Rockrose tower, unfortunately. It seems like those whose parents have the deepest pockets tend to be the ones you really have to watch out for.

ak said...

the rents are actually probably less than what NYU was charging the students for the same apartments.


if we look at the NYU Housing prices ( you can see that in a 2 person occupied 1-bedroom each student is paying about 1679.25 a month. that's a total of 3358.50 for a one-bedroom. these one bedrooms are roughly 1000$ less a month.

and the "tenant lounge with billards" is probably the same old shitty "rec room" in every dorm in the first place. new coat of paint and "nicer" furniture, i'd assume.

bryan said...

ak is absolutely right. we went to look at the bldg today out of curiosity's sake (and out of nostalgia on our kids' part). our old place is going for $4850. the duplexes also hover around $5k. a studio with a terrace is around $2k. They're only renting the lower 14 floors at the moment -- still working on the top.

A couple things to note: The term "dorm" is really misplaced. The construction was always for modern apartments -- they look just like the generic floorplan/construction for the little apartments the Project Runway folks stay in. Rockrose had a good gig with permanent full tenants as long at they had NYU by the balls. Another note: Everyone else we saw in the bldg looking at apts was either btwn 20 and 30 or elderly Europeans. My guess is a lot of apts will go to younger people splitting rents, which is true of other Rockrose bldgs downtown. Three: it's hard to argue with those views once you get to the 14th floor rental office.

If you go, ask to see the duplexes.

I'd never choose to pay that kind of money for those spaces, but if I were loaded? Nah ... I would still probably go for something over in the old condos on Grand by the river & buy.