Friday, September 4, 2009

Posts that I never got around to posting: Craigslist ad of the day

A man such as me should not be going to bed without a kiss - m4w - 29 (Lower East Side)

Date: 2009-08-16, 3:04AM EDT


Beautiful summer night....I am in my home, alone. I have been alone for sometime, and did not mind it at all, for some time. But I seriously miss laying with a special her, smelling her scent and kissing her so passionately everytime, that we both have soaking wet pants in minutes. Smelling her hair....rubbing my finger tips all over her back side.....

Those nights were great and should be replicated tonight. I can not sleep cause I have dreams about it and wake up dissappointed I didn't say something before. So I am saying something, reply! I am 29 from manhattan can host. Not a weirdo at all, just a nice busy guy. I am half latin and half european and look white. Baby faced, short light brown hair, dreamy light brown eyes, 5"9 with an athletic build. 150lbs.

I have picture and will not go to sleep till about 4:30. I'll have to use a sleeping pill to replace my "sleeping pill" (hint: YOU).

It's 3:00 am on a Sunday morning. I am pretty sober. i have some wine and 420. And a nice bed i can not enjoy without you. I am a perfect gentleman, and maybe this can lead to much more. i am just in a rush tonight. I have pictures, so should you. This not about sex (it could be if its right). This is about sensual kissing and not being alone when the sunrises till tomorrow evening! It's Sunday, lets worship each other, stranger.

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