Thursday, September 17, 2009

Howl!'s film highlights

The Howl! Festival is still going strong... East Village Howler has the complete program. There are many interesting films on the docket tonight through the weekend. Tonight, Jack Smith and the Lower East Side (as seen by Ken Jacobs).

And tomorrow night: "B/Side" and "What About Me."

I wrote a post on "What About Me" last December.


Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Oh, I remember those days. I was so green behind the ears, and my cammies were so green you could tell how new I was to the neighborhood. I remember the question I asked R***. I wanted to know what it was like trying to score drugs around Tompkins Park all day and then doing stand up comedy routines at the Pyramid at night.

"Stay away from me Ken, you understand me," he screamed. "And watch where you step! I don't want you stepping on a mine and having your blood gettin' all over me!!!"

We were all filled with the fear of what could possibly happen at any moment...

Alex in NYC said...

"What About Me" is a painfully bad movie. Yes, there are some nifty shots of a since-rendered-unrecognizable East Village, but it's H O R R I B L E movie otherwise. Makes "Downtown 81" and "The Foreigner" look like "Citizen Kane."