Saturday, September 19, 2009

"Your balloon needs to be all fro-yo'd up, bitches!"

The Urballoon made an appearance in Tompkins Square Park last evening as part of the Conflux Festival.

As Gothamist noted: "The Urballoon consists of a large helium balloon with a video projector and a wireless laptop that projects user-generated content onto public spaces. It floats above its tethers in parks or plazas and displays the video onto the ground, encouraging people to gather around a digital bonfire. People will be asked to address the theme 'What is New York?'"

Interesting idea, though I didn't stick around long enough to read any responses...

Slum Goddess didn't stick around too long either.

I knew if I didn't leave I would start texting offensive things to their balloon "Your balloon needs to be all fro-yo'd up, bitches!" or "Let's all have a fucking crack binge tonight NYC!" I just wandered off. It didn't seem very exciting anyway.