Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What's doing in Texas?: Dallas getting a Cooper Square academic building lookalike

Thom Mayne, head of the renowned Morphosis architectural office in Santa Monica, Calif., is designing the new the Perot Museum of Nature and Science north of downtown Dallas. And it may look familiar to those of us hereabouts. As Metropolis notes:

[I]t’s safe to say that the Perot Museum bears resemblance to another recently completed Morphosis project: 41 Cooper Square, located in New York’s East Village. That structure, also a distorted cube, also featuring a large central atrium, was praised by critics when it opened earlier this year, and has generally received a warm welcome by New Yorkers. Moreover, the Cooper Union building, as an academic facility that engages with its architectural neighbors and encourages street-level interaction, has been heralded as a civic achievement in a neighborhood that has been the site of particular contentiousness in its recent history.

Cooper Union Building is East Village's Newest Thrill Ride! (Curbed)


Jeremiah Moss said...

maybe, if we're lucky, some southerners will come and cart the cooper union cube away to join this one. hey, they did it with the cheyenne, et al., so why not?

EV Grieve said...

Ha! Excellent idea, Jeremiah.

Prodigal Son said...

I sometimes read accounts of the "new" New York in out of town newspapers and magazines, and you have no idea. Its all the city is as exciting and dynamic as ever and the residents love it and you simply have to come here. Actually this may explain why we've been deluged by tourists and a certain type of new resident.