Saturday, September 19, 2009

CB3 licensing meeting follow-up

The CB3's liquor licensing meeting from Monday night just ended about five minutes ago. Well, it was a seven-hour meeting. And Eater correspondent Gabe Ulla bravely sat through all of it.

Here's his report. A highlight:

Heather's Bar, which was under renewals with complaint histories, was by the far the most contested application of the night. The community came out in full force (signs reading "NO TO HEATHER'S BAR") to explain why they believe the owner is negligent and the space is a detriment to the neighborhood. Critics point to an overwhelming amount of noise and smoke, as well as Heather's inability to tackle any of these problems effectively. The owner of the space insisted that she has done everything to satisfy neighbors and comply with community board stipulations, but that it "doesn't seem to be enough." The fact that the establishment is on a side street only makes matters worse. The board agreed to hold off on a vote until the residents and the bar owner set up a meeting to attempt to work out their problems.

The Lo-Down was there as well at the meeting...



Jill said...

If you ever want to subject someone to a night of torture, make them sit through one of these meetings. It is unconscionable how long it goes on, with so much time spent on typing out the motions and weird speech making by some of the board members in between applications. They also give verbal admonitions to the bar owners about their responsibilities to the community and how they won't tolerate any mistrust of their liquor license obligations, but it is all without any real enforcement ability or consistency in the approvals process.

I had to leave after the very entertaining Heathers application, which was well worth the wait for their very late lawyer.

Anonymous said...

I've been to heathers many times, it's not a "bad" bar IMO. What a joke.