Thursday, September 17, 2009

Good news: Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen to reopen next week

Slum Goddess passes along good news about Peter Silvestri's Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen, which has been closed for renovations since Aug. 14:

I talked to Peter today..They should be open around the 23rd of this month..some bullcrap with his "company" name or something..he had no real health code violation problems..but I went in there today and he was in there and they really did a lot of work on the place! All freshly painted, polished and gleaming..he was stocking the shelves and they had new menu signs hung up-bigger and brighter ones..It wasn't all fro-yo'd upped and gross though..still looks like good old whole earth-just spiffed up! I told Peter we were all worried and he was flattered and eager to reopen for business next week!


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Melanie said...


Eden Bee said...

yes! Thanks for posting this-now I don't have to..hahaha! Peter was really flattered and surprised when i told him people were blogging about his store..and how concerned we all were.

EV Grieve said...

And I've already used "fro-yo'd up" three times today — twice I wasn't even talking about FroYo!

Eden Bee said...

Haha..It does have a nice ring to it. It could really catch on.."That new CUPCAKE place on St. Marks was so Fro yo'd up, I couldn't even get through the door!."

Unknown said...

yay! you know, this place has been around quite a while, but NOW is really the time for it, with more and more folks looking to eat organic, local, etc. happy an old fave will stay around for a while.