Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cheerocracy at work

Scott Wooledge, marketing manager for Cheer New York, sent me a note in response to Friday's post on the Bond Street block party that featured cheerleaders from Cheer New York:

There were some some comments made about our team, Cheer New York, that did not I think do the team justice. They suggested Cheer New York lacked the skills to perform a pyramid, I've provided rebuttal in the form of photographic proof to the contrary. The team has a high level of skill and even greater dedication to our charity fundraising. Commercial events like Fashion's Night Out, help finance the good charity work we do on behalf of AIDS Walk, Avon Breast Cancer Walk, Walk MS NYC, Joey DiPaulo AIDS Foundation, and the Alzheimer's Association of New York.

I know event organizers were very pleased with the spirit and the energy the team injected into this fun event, and I also know many of the party goers were impressed and entertained. Many, many of them took the opportunity to tell me so personally as we joined them in the party. I think it's a shame some people are so cynical as to make nasty comments about a group of people who have given so much to the community.

Perhaps they just don't understand who Cheer New York is. I'd invite them to check out our website or see us on Facebook, and learn more about the team's tireless commitment to raising money and supporting charity, and being the most skilled athletes we can be.

Here are some more photos.


Eden Bee said...

I think I started the pyramid rumor..even though I was just kidding around and had barely glanced at the cheerleader pics. I did go to their site and have witnessed all the basket tosses and pyramids. They are actually really good-I told the marketing campaign guy not to be offended or take any comments about his teams abilities to heart.
I kinda wish they would just follow me around all day now doing basket tosses and stuff. I need some pep in my life!

Cheer New York said...

Thanks for handing over your blog for the kind words, EVG.

And no worries, Eden! We're happy to cheer for you anytime, or anyone else that needs a infusion of pep! It's what we do!

Best to all,

Scott W,
Cheer New York

EV Grieve said...


For your sins, you must watch "Bring It On Fight To The Finish" (aka Bring it On IV) for 72straight hours.

Eden Bee said...

Wha! Did they make 4 of those movies?!! I liked the first one, but couldn't get through the second one..Didn't it have Beyonce's sister in it?
I'm not sure if all those cheerleaders would fit in my bathroom but they would really get me going in the morning..This Irish Spring Zest soap just ain't cuttin' it anymore!

EV Grieve said...

Oh, yeah -- they bring it on really hard this time.

esquared™ said...

Awesome. Oh, wow.

Would be great if they showed some spirit fingers.

hntrnyc said...

What, no NYC appearance of Up With People?