Monday, September 21, 2009

Crash at KFC?

We heard that there was an accident at the KFC on 14th Street and Second Avenue earlier today. No reports of injuries. The restaurant was also likely closed at the time. According to the tipster, the window on the 14th side "was smashed in, and the furniture, etc. was smashed to smithereens like a car had driven through the window. Anyway, there wasn't any police tape or anything blocking off the area ... "

Photos anyone?


Unknown said...

A cabbie ran a red light going down 2nd ave and broadsided a car traveling west on 14th st around 4:45 am. Cabbie hit the car so hard it went through the KFC wall/windows. Looked more like a bomb went off, but the driver of the car that was hit was there early in the day. He had just gotten back from the hospital and wanted to see the scene again. He was ok. But I'm wondering if the local junkie that sits at that window is ok. Haven't seen him there since.

EV Grieve said...

Thanks for the account, Danielle. Did the car or cab go thru the KFC? Was the cabbie OK?