Tuesday, September 15, 2009

If Village Green is so green, why are the lights left on all night?

Here we are at Village Green, the new condo going up at 311 E. 11th Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue. It is said to be the first LEED Gold certified building in the East Village. According to the marketing copy:

It began with a belief that better living is achieved through harmony: of mind and body, of time and place, of luxury and lifestyle. Introducing 311 E 11: Village Green. Developers Michael and Izak Namer created 311 E 11: Village Green with one goal in mind: to define environmentally responsible 21st century luxury living. 311 E 11: Village Green is targeted for LEED-Gold certification and serves as the vanguard for a new wave of eco-indulgent lifestyles. From its energy efficient amenities to the sophisticated wellness center it houses, 311 E 11: Village Green is the template for what all future luxury living will be.

I realize the lights will help keep intruders at bay. And I'm certain these are energy efficient lighting that makes the place a beacon of light from the avenues every night.

Anyway, the building is shaping up. Here's a view from the rear — also known as 12th Street, home, possibly of The Penistrator.

There are 36 units in total. Corcoran has 23 of them listed — with six in contract.

UPDATE: Curbed has more on it.

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Barbara L. Hanson said...

Three uses of luxury in one paragraph. Don't they get that it's over?

EV Grieve said...

Right-o, BaHa. And it really doesn't look all that luxurious from the outside....

Anonymous said...

They are not green. They are fuckin
hypocrites. "Green" is a new marketing scheme to make money.

But people are suckers, and will keep falling for the same scams.

Obviously they are wasting electricity. Shame on Mayor Bloomberg for green lighting projects like this, and talking about "green" all of the time. What an ass.

Unknown said...

FDNY requires construction sites to be illuminated is such fashions. This is a NYC city thing. The building is actually quite green, including an extensive green roof and geothermal heating and cooling for the lobby.