Tuesday, September 29, 2009

At Superdive tonight: Unlimited champagne served by a midget in a pirate costume

The buzzy, pre-opening, OMG-are-they-really-serving-kegs? days of the summer are over for Superdive. Now it's time to do something really stupid to get people talking again! (Guilty!) UrbanDaddy has the Superdive scoop, of course.

Tuesday nights. Unlimited champagne. Sabered open for you. In a bathtub on wheels. By a midget dressed as a pirate.

Let's just let that marinate for a minute.

Welcome to Champagne Tuesdays at Superdive, a new bastion of cultural elitism and intellectual camaraderie, debuting tomorrow in your favorite beer-scented pit of depravity in the East Village.

If ordering a keg to your table, doing a keg-stand on said keg, or generally gallivanting about in the Wild Wild West of dive bars just was too tame for you, here's your chance to let your hair down a little more. Twenty bucks and an appetite for champagne and destruction gets you all the bubbly you can drink, and, yes, that champagne will be sabered and served to you by a little person named Nick wearing a pirate outfit.

At this point, you might be asking yourself why a tiny pirate wielding a tiny saber meant to chop the top off of a champagne bottle is manning a mobile bathtub full of bubbly bottles. And you also might be asking yourself why you would be purchasing champagne from this tiny Jack Sparrow.

Well, because it's Tuesday.


Bowling said...

Something like this makes me wish I didn't stop drinking. And it also makes me ashamed of myself that I am the demographic for this kind of crap.

esquared™ said...

Yes. I'm going there after having a naked sushi dinner.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

FINALLY, peg-legged, eye-patched people like me find our place in the sun!

EV Grieve said...

I only regret not using Hornswaggle in this post.

Cat Sitter in the City said...

This dwarf gets around. I also saw him at Spin City awhile back shooting a commercial for laundry detergent with Jesse James as part of an episode of The Apprentice.

Anonymous said...

If anyone's curious his name is Nik Sin. www.myspace.com/nicreddy