Friday, September 18, 2009

First look at "Alphaville"

Yesterday's big news was, of course, that there was some window washing happening at E2E4. Also! It was reported that Robert DeNiro and Spike Lee were teaming up to produce a TV show called "Alphaville" set in the East Village. As Reuters noted:

Set during the 1980s, the drama will re-create the neighborhood's mix of struggling artists and musicians living alongside Puerto Rican and black families. Along with its growing bohemian and celebrity population, which also included graffiti artists, break-dancers, rappers and DJs, the neighborhood was plagued by illegal drug activity and violent crime.

Perhaps it will be a little like 1984's "Alphabet City," but a little more Spike Lee-er-er.

However, based on this reel that DeNiro and Lee created to pitch the network executives — given to me exclusively — the series promises to have more of a German synthpop feel.


esquared™ said...

The German synthpop feel will also be Forever Young and Big in Japan.

EV Grieve said...

Classics all.