Thursday, May 6, 2010

CB3 forming task force to help curb youth violence

News from last week's CB3 meeting via Lesley Sussman at The Villager.

Given the rise in youth violence, CB3 "has called for the establishment of a task force comprised of elected officials, city agencies and community groups to help create a strategy to address the situation."

As Sussman reported, "The resolution said that quelling such violence was 'the highest priority for our community.'"

CB3 Chair Dominic Pisciotta said, "We need immediate action, especially with the summer months coming up when violence always increases."

Hmmmmm. Too bad the Board couldn't have come to this decision, say, last summer. My experience with task forces, as well-intended as they usually are, is that nothing happens... at least not in any timely fashion....

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Anyone reached out to the Guardian Angels?