Saturday, May 1, 2010

"East Fifth Bliss" on Seventh Street

Earlier today, the "East Fifth Bliss" crew did a little filming on Avenue B (and in the Park?)... Melanie got her picture taken with "Bliss" lead Michael C. Hall.

With a rental truck and maybe a van or so... what a difference between this and the "Smurfs" logjam from Thursday...where tractor-trailers lined Avenue A for blocks... (And we had "Smurfs" reports from all over the City, like this one from Midtown Lunch.) And we're still getting reader mail about the "Smurfs" shoot, like the amused residents who were told to wait for several minutes... and when they were "released," the PA said robotically, "Sorry for the inconvenience. We will only be here for two more hours."

It was 11 p.m.

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Melanie said...

It made my day--walking in Tompkins I ambeled upon Dexter--sitting on my bench--fyi Michael C. Hall is a sweet and lovely guy and he looks just like Dex--I was auditioning for the new Mrs. Dexter spot--just kiddin