Monday, May 17, 2010

(Updated) A Penny Farthing for your thoughts

[Apologies for that headline!] Next door to Cosmic Cantina we have Penny Farthing (named for an old-timey bicycle) in the former Cafe DeVille space looking very ready for action...

As Grub Street reported, it will have a "very industrial but comfortable atmosphere" courtesy of the folks behind Phebe's. How many times did someone proofread those signs to make sure that no one wrote Penny Farting?

The signs went up on Friday... and I spotted a bread delivery out front on Sunday morning... perhaps Opening Day is imminent.

Eater reports that Penny Farting opens tonight... and they'll be serving Appletinis and stuff.

Previously on EV Grieve:
Here's Penny-farthing on Third Avenue, not a sports bar

At the former Cafe DeVille, the black plastic goes up, the dead potted plants go out


Margaret said...

I think you're right, EV Grieve, that they'll be opening soon. I saw them loading food in last week, though it seemed to be shelf-stable stuff, like giant tins of tomato sauce. And by yesterday afternoon, they'd added Penny Farthing decals to each of the windows along 3rd, though the windows are still covered in black plastic. And finally, this morning someone was on a ladder scrubbing the windows on the 13th st side -- not something you do if there are still weeks of construction left, you know?

T.E.V.B. said...

Time Out NY reports it'll open "by May 26":

Looking forward to the craft beers on tap, but am really wary of the crowd this place will draw. Please oh please do not turn into the Pour House 2.

Anonymous said...

God I hope not! Hopefully the decor and prices will be to high brow for those peeps from the Pour House of hell.

Lisa said...

Oooh, appletinis! Like, how unique!

Margaret said...

They are open! Will send you some (crappy, phone camera) pics ASAP.