Monday, February 8, 2010

At the former Cafe DeVille, the black plastic goes up, the dead potted plants go out

EV Grieve reader Margaret noted some activity at the shuttered Cafe DeVille space at 13th Street and Third Avenue:

The windows in Cafe Deville were covered with black plastic on Friday. Dead potted palms from inside were also put out on the curb. There wasn't any sort of notice on the door, so it doesn't look a permit has been filed with the city. Intrigued as to what's going on in there.

As Eater reported last September: "The folks applying for a transfer for the Cafe Deville space received approval. The only stipulations proposed by the board do not allow for live music and set that the establishment must be run similar to the owners' other establishment Phebe's, the tavern/sports bar on 4th and Bowery."

I used to go to Phebe's a long time ago... in recent years it has become as fratty as a Murray Hill sports bar...

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Margaret said...

Look, Ma, I'm a star!

Walking by this morning, it sounded like someone was operating a band saw inside, so there is definitely something going on.

Nate said...

They are hard at work getting this place ready for something. Doing lots of work outside and inside. The Cafe Deville bar remains, but it's hard to tell what else they're building in there.

EV Grieve said...

Hi Nate. Thanks for the update. I haven't walked by here the last week or so. I'll have to check it out too...

Margaret said...

Grieve, today would be a good day to get some pics. They're painting a cornice that went up recently, and it looks right now like they're prepping to paint the name.

In the past couple weeks, they put a new bartop on the bar, put down new floors and stained them a deep brown, put tin tiles on the ceiling and antiqued them, and hung up some artwork.

Bet they open in the next few weeks.