Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another million dollar A Building home back on the market

At the A Building, 425 E. 13th St., between Avenue A and First Avenue, another unit has hit the resale market. Yesterday, Corcoran listed unit 4C for $1.385 million.

According to the listing:

Feel like you're on vacation in this LUXURY Two Bedroom, Two Bath plus a BEDROOM SIZED Home Office and Terrace located in "The A Building". You are guaranteed to never be bored, In this full service building you have a 24 hour Doorman and Concierge, Engaging Rooftop Pool, a Health/Fitness center, Courtyard Garden and Floor to ceiling windows. Rooms are wired for internet and cable.

Apparently the previous owners got bored. The unit was originally sold in March 2008 for $1.27 million. You can see this unit for yourself during an open house Sunday noon to 3 p.m.

Hope that booze is still on display in the kitchen... (Whoa, did we just walk into a bachelor pad?!)

According to StreetEasy, there are six other active sales at the A Building, including the penthouse with the zebra skin rugs... Five of the units are resales. Aside from 4C, which was discussed above...

Unit -- Resale Asking Price
5A -- $1.47 million -- (sold in April 2008 for $1.275)
PH -- $2.1 million -- (sold in March 2008 for $2.05)
5N -- $920K -- (sold in May 2009 for $790k)
4B -- $795k -- (sold in March 2008 for $670k)


Anonymous said...

I think they were so bored they couldn't even bother to hang up a few pictures or decorate... at all...

Lisa said...

Yeah, how can you NOT be bored in a featureless, colorless, bland cube of nothing like that? And someone expects a million plus for it? Gawd.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

The dead weed next to the bed is a lovely touch.