Sunday, February 21, 2010

Horse sense

Every so often I'll treat myself to a Daily Racing Form at Aqueduct or Belmont... The newspaper, whose offices are downtown, has been around since 1894, and is one of the enduring image of racetracks for me... So I read with great interest a feature on Steven Crist, the paper's publisher and chairman, in Harvard Magazine. (He is a Harvard alum.)

An excerpt:

Gambling on Wall Street, or at games of pure chance like roulette, holds no interest for Crist. People sometimes remark that the one thing he hasn’t done in the sport is own a racehorse, but “I own the horse I’m betting on for one minute and 12 seconds, and that’s good enough for me,” he says. “There is a strong feeling of success for your ego when you make a winning bet. When their horse crosses the finish line in front, horseplayers never say, ‘What a good horse!’ They go, ‘That was me—me, me, me!’ That’s part of the pleasure of horse racing, and why it’s so much more fun to pick your own horses than to bet somebody else’s picks. With a Wall Street stock, I can’t imagine the same feeling of satisfaction.”

And Crist blogs here.

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