Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On Avenue B, Zaitzeff is reaching out to neighbors about its new liquor license

Not sure what else to say about this flier from the burger joint other than what's on the sign..

...and that it seems like a thoughtful thing to do. For instance, I can think of a few bar managers/owners who promised to meet with concerned neighbors after opening... Flashing back now to August...

One of the organizers said that Superdive has agreed to a meeting with neighbors, and that CB3 and 9th Precinct officials may attend as well. No date was mentioned.


glamma said...

two burgers and two beers in this place will set you back $50. i hope they go out of business as soon as possible.

EV Grieve said...

It is a little too expensive for my tastes in burgers/beers. And the one time I ate in here the service was beyond inept. I do like the owners, though — a mother and her two sons. They seem like good people.

Anonymous said...

They will never get their license on this street.If the pretzel lady can't sell beer, then there is no way this is going to pass. Unless... free drinks for the 4th Street block association...for life. Haha kidding.

dmbream said...

Sometimes you get what you pay for...

If cheaper always equaled better, then McDonald's would be winning awards year after year.


Will say it again, their Kobe burger is one of, if not the best burgers in the neighborhood. Perhaps the city.

Organic beef, ground fresh daily. The Portugese muffin is a wonderful touch and brought in fresh, not frozen.

The breakfast sandwich with organic eggs is quite delicious, as well.

Their beer selection, but for Heineken, is a bit more original than most places, if somewhat limited. Domestic bottles are $5, imported $6.

Sat with the owner for a while recently. She mentioned the liquor license. They took over the space and the liquor license from the last tenant. Turns out the former tenant had violations, so now they have to reapply for a new one.

We'll see what happens.

She also mentioned that they are planning to open another take-out only outpost in midtown like their Nassau Street location.

Adam Kuban of Serious Eats/A Hamburger Today gave them a shout-out on Martha Stewart recently on her "Hamburger Episode" as one of his faves in the city.


A good spot. They offer $5 off your first delivery order. Treat yourselves.