Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More on the Busy Bee Bike bust

Jack Savage at StreetsBlog has a lot more details about the bust at Busy Bee Bike shop on Sixth Street this past Friday...

Busy Bee Bikes, a familiar destination for local cyclists, was forced to close its doors last Friday for criminal possession of stolen property, according to Lt. Patrick Ferguson of the Ninth Precinct.

One Busy Bee employee was arrested at the store that day after purchasing stolen property from an undercover officer, Ferguson said, adding that the owners of Busy Bee will appear in civil court on Wednesday.

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Busy Bee Bike shop busted on East Sixth Street

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Ken Mac said...

EV, was that story you left at my joint re Chow Mein for real? Heck, I ate there once and hair was growing on the alfalfa sprouts! It was an incredible looking joint though.