Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stuyvesant Grocery owner: "We want to stay here. It became like our home"

DNAinfo's Patrick Hedlund talks to Numan Hauter, 49, owner of the Stuyvesant Convenience Grocery, which has operated at 14th Street and Avenue A the last 20-plus years.

“We know everybody here,” said Hauter’s dad, Alawi Hussien, whose family hails from Yemen.
“These people are our friends,” echoed Stuyvesant Town resident Apoli Hiwali, who’s shopped at the deli “everyday” since it opened two decades ago. “They’re very friendly.”
While Hauter said he hopes to reopen “as soon as possible” ... “I hope they’re going to fix it,” Hauter said of his landlord. “We want to stay here. It became like our home.

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Joe Jusko said...

Wow, I'm old. I remember when that was Barracini's Candy Store