Saturday, September 10, 2011

Today at the BMW Guggenheim Lab: Natividad Zirate

As BoweryBoogie noted back in May, the city tossed the tools belonging to Natividad Zirate, the homeless bicycle mechanic who worked near the BMW Guggenheim Lab. This happened as workers were preparing the lot for the BMW Guggenheim Lab. (We discussed that and other matters about the Lab here.)

In any event, a reader noted one of the programs today during the First Street Green day at the Lab:

Fix Your Bike with Natividad Zirate

Join First Street Green and the BMW Guggenheim Lab as we celebrate and learn from neighborhood bicycle hero and repairman Natividad Zirate. Zirate, well known in the neighborhood as the “go-to” guy for bicycle problems, will lead a how-to workshop on bicycle repair and mechanics.

This program is 2-4.

Meanwhile, EV Grieve reader Steve Carter noted the arrival of balloons at the Lab this morning. Someone celebrating a birthday?

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Crazy Eddie said...

Say it ain’t so Natividad, say it ain’t so.