Friday, October 14, 2011

Caller No. 12, you're on the blog: More about Chinese takeout/delivery

Several people thanked us (for some reason!) for our Chinese delivery/takeout post from Friday... Well, thank you for everyone who left a comment — 41 in total, including the person who chastised us for ending our headline with a preposition. Woo. (Read the post here.)

EV Grieve reader LesMis asked if we could drill a little deeper... Sure. What the hell. We take requests.

Per LesMis: "I love good old fashioned New York Chinese food, just like I ate as a kid. Sure, I like the fusion, the exotic, the healthy, the Thai-masquerading-as-Chinese and even the Sushi joint-afterthought-for-people-who-don't-eat-sushi-but-got-outvoted-by-the-group varieties. But sometimes, I just get a hankering for the now unfashionable and often ridiculed basic dishes. Chop Suey, Chow Mein and Lo Mein rule."

So basically, he's looking for a low-brow menu with some standards and specifications:

• Folding cardboard containers.

• High standards of hygiene and food protection.

• High quality (fresh oil, vegetables and meat well-prepared classic style)

As a guide, two of his favorite places for this fare are Charlie Mom on Sixth Avenue between 11th Street and 12th Street ... and Cottage on Irving Place and 16th Street. But a little closer to our neighborhood.

OK then. Uh, anyone?


Anonymous said...

Tasty King on 14th near B has pretty good traditional lo mein. China Moon on Avenue B and 3rd st unfortunately isn't so good with the noodle dishes, but their general tso's and sweet and sour chicken are awesome.

glamma said...

LesMis is a he?

Anonymous said...

Wacky Wok on 9th and D.

LESMiserable said...

Yep, male indeed. Just a silly play on Les Miserables, for the purposes of sounding whiney on this here blog. Although, in order to avoid the need to address folks more concerned with gender identity than the underlying purpose of the post, I think I'll switch to LESMiserable. Yes, love Wacky Wok. Btw...thanks Grieve!!!

Anonymous said...

noodle shop has a great lo mein and now they are on seamless and (and take credit cards unlike in person).

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