Monday, October 24, 2011

'My Mars Bar Movie' world premiere on Thursday

Thursday marks the "world theatrical premiere" of "My Mars Bar Movie," the 87-minute documentary directed by Jonas Mekas, the 88-year-old filmmaker-poet-writer-curator... (His full bio is here.)

Here's a description of the film via YouTube:

For some twenty years Mars Bar, on the corner of First Street and Second Avenue, Manhattan, has been my bar. That's where we went for beer and tequila whenever we had to take a break from our work at Anthology Film Archives, and it was also a bar where most of those who came to see movies at Anthology ended up after the shows. We always had a great time at Mars Bar. It was always open, there was always the juke box, and very often there was no electricity, and it was old and messy and it didn't want to be any other way — it was the last escape place left in downtown New York. So this is my love letter to it, to my Mars Bar. Mars Bar as I knew it.

Find ticket info here.

H/t to One Folded Sunset for the post yesterday.


Marty Wombacher said...

I would love to see this movie, but I have to work Thursday. If you hear of any other screenings, please post them. That clip is fantastic!

Laura Goggin Photography said...

I hope he shows this at Anthology.

glamma said...

wow this looks amazing! i also can't make it on thurs, anyone know how else we can see this? thanks!