Friday, October 21, 2011

People behind fabulous hotels opening another likely fabulous hotel on Ludlow Street

A record — two posts on 180 Ludlow in one day. Earlier, we mentioned that there were new lights on the loooooooooong-dormant apartment-hotel-apartment-no-a-hotel! site just off Houston. Well, you can thank the new owner for the illumination. Curbed is reporting this afternoon that BD Hotels have purchased the parking garage space for $25 million. BD operates such hotels as the Maritime, Jane and Bowery hotels.

As BoweryBoogie noted, "Expect construction to resume at the 170-room eyesore in due course."


[Image via Curbed]


Crazy Eddie said...

AFF-Absolutely Fabulous Flatulent

Anonymous said...

At least they're NY guys with a good aesthetic instead of some rich foreign dooshes. But still, major caterage to the moneyed-classes.

Anonymous said...

6:07pm-I sure hope you're joking. These guys are dicks and cater to the worst wannabe hipster crowds of dumb young rich kids and housewife of new york hopefuls. I hope they bring Nur Kahn and his cocaine posse in to run this place into the ground, as he always does.

glamma said...

and how pray tell did this one get around the zoning restriction? let me guess, 2 out of 170 units are for income restricted people making under 200k a year right?