Sunday, October 30, 2011

11th and B circa 1983

BoweryBoogie was first to post this video a few weeks back... it's a short circa 1983 by French filmmaker Marie Martine ... mostly filmed on Avenue B and 11th Street...

The video has been making the rounds... thought we'd also post it... the video is 20 minutes, so dig in...

11th & B from J. Sprig on Vimeo.

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KairosKim said...

Thanks for this post Grieve. What a beautiful documentary!
Spotted a few folks I've known for all these many years - looking so beautiful and young as springtime. Some extraordinary views of the art on the street - particularly taken by the shadow portraits somewhere in middle of film - who was that artist?
The look and sound of this film brought back the rush of this strange new world I had landed in and subsequently grew up my adult self to pass on to my child.
Feeling so grateful on this Samhain morning for all the beloveds present and passed in this neighborhood/community that has placed grace on my little life.