Monday, October 31, 2011

Action-packed November CB3/SLA agenda: The Bean wants booze; so does Japadog

[Via The Bean on Facebook]

Woo. Here we go.

SLA & DCA Licensing Committee
Monday, November 14 at 6:30pm — JASA/Green Residence, 200 East 5th Street at Bowery

Renewal with Complaint History

• The Porch (The Porch Inc), 115 Ave C (op)

The Porch closed up last month, as Dave on 7th pointed out. We heard that the Porch was moving and an Indian restaurant was taking over... perhaps from the same owners?

• Kelly's (Diddler Doyle Corp), 12 Ave A (op)

• Kenka (Hinomaru Inc), 25 St Marks Pl (op)

• Diablo Royale (East Village Café & Restaurant LLC), 167 Ave A (op)

Arrive early for a good seat. This will be dramatic, perhaps.

Applications within Resolution Areas

• Cafetasia (Cafetasia Inc), 85 Ave A (up/op)

Seeking 100-ounce vodka tubes too?

• Essbar (102 Ave C LLC), 102 Ave C aka 230 E 7th St (up/op)

Edi & the Wolf upgrading...

• Nublu, 151 Ave C (op)

Nublu temporarily moved to under Lucky Cheng's back in August ... as the Nublu blog said during the summer, "last week we got our liquor license taken away due to an anonymous complaint that we are too close to a House of Worship." You can read about it all here.

• Pouring Ribbons (Lead to Gold Inc), 225 Ave B (op)

Anyone know what's going on here... the White Noise space?

• To be Determined, 116 Ave C (op)

The former Lava Gina space.

• Japadog Inc, 30 St Marks Pl (wb)

As we first reported last month, Japadog, the crazy popular Vancouver-based artisanal hot dog stands, is opening its first NYC outpost here.

• Alphabet City Beer Co (Alphabet City Wine Co LLC), 96 Ave C (b)

Looks like a beer companion to Alphabet City Wine... 96 Avenue C has been a vacant storefront for some time... we'll have more on this later...


• Cien Fuegos (Cien Fuegos LLC), 95 Ave A (alt/op)

• Peels Restaurant (Radley Realty Corp), 325 Bowery (alt/op/additional standup bar)

New Liquor License Applications

• Shoolbred's, 197 2nd Ave (op)

• Nevada Smiths (92 Nunz Walk Inc), 100 3rd Ave (op)

Maybe they're not closing after all!

• The Bean (54 2nd Ave Bean LLC), 54 2nd Ave (wb)
The Bean (147 1st Ave Bean LLC), 147 1st Ave (wb)

Interesting... What do you think about The Bean also serving wine and beer at its new locations?

• Nicoletta (Letta #1 LLC), 160 2nd Ave (wb)

A taker for the former Cafe Centosette space at 10th Street.

• Ichibantei LLC, 401 E 13th St (wb)

This is the the eatery that serves a range of Japanese "soul food" just east off First Avenue. A scratch from previous agendas...

• Golden Cadillac, 446-448 E 13th St (op)

The (now former?) Mug Lounge.


b=beer only | wb=wine & beer only | op=liquor, wine, & beer | alt=alterations |up=upgrades


Anonymous said...

Yep, Nevada Smiths is just moving up the street (I think at the end of the year). I am told the new space is far bigger and will have three floors of bar space.

The current building is to be demolished as the fire department have deemed parts of it to be unsafe which is why the scaffolding is up.

esquared™ said...

i called it on the japadog applying for a liquor license

not surprised by the bean's intention to serve wine and beer since, ost café, café pick me up, and think coffee on the bowery serve wine and beer

nevada smith's current space has become too crowded for the football (fútbol) aficionados, [which i am and been going to lunasa pub for some of the matches]. i remember when the floor(near the bathroom) caved in because of overcrowding. the new location will have more space (hence less fights), esp. during rivalry derby and champions league, and the additional floors will cater to the non-football (fútbol) fans and the nyu kids who just want a place to drink

edie and the wolf will have no trouble getting an upgrade; seems to be a popular destination for both foodies and non-foodies, and the riches and the not so rich, alike. same goes for peels

are there any restaurants, or café, or a place that serves food, that are opening in the ev that do not apply for a liquor license? seems like an automatic process for them...

Roger_Paw said...

The Bean wants a liquor license? Understandable. Nothing goes better with a vanilla latte than an ice cold Corona.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what you people think--I am looking forward to the Japadog.

Anonymous said...

Any word on licensing for Pho88, Shima and Nicoletta?