Friday, October 21, 2011

5th edition of the Get Local Shopping Guide now available

From the EV Grieve inbox...

[EV resident Dominique Camacho in front of her store and cafe, Sustainable NYC, on Avenue A with the new Get Local Guide.]

In an attempt to keep our neighborhood independent and unique, the East Village Community Coalition (EVCC) publishes the free Get Local! Guide to East Village Shops each year. The updated 5th Edition is available now!

Spending your money locally helps small businesses thrive in the East Village. Local shopping also:

• Keeps more money in our community

• Creates local jobs

• Sustains small business owners who defend our neighborhood's identity

• Chooses creativity and personality over uniformity

The newly available 5th Edition lists 400+ local merchants and is available in shops and cafes in the neighborhood. You can download the online version here. (PDF)

We are working to preserve small businesses as an integral part of maintaining our diverse, livable community. In addition to the Get Local! Guide, the EVCC is researching ways to maintain retail diversity in our community.


Anonymous said...

Yay!! Hey... wait a minute. Shouldn't that be a rat on the cover? (where's Christy Rupp when you need her?)
Well, I guess pigeon is the next best thing.

evflip said...

You know what sucks? Many of us would way prefer supporting small local businesses, but have to choose a more affordable option. Perkosh, the owner of the deli on 1st Ave and E4th is a lovely man. He goes out of his way to learn his customers' names, he helps out with the block association, he's a great neighbor! But I can't afford paying $8 for a bag of cat food that I can get at Key Food for $5. I don't mean I resent it, I mean I REALLY CANNOT AFFORD IT. He's not trying to rip anyone off, it's the ridiculous rents and property taxes that business owners have to pay. Property taxes, by the way, that building owners claim as the REASON for high rents!