Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Company under new ownership, closed for renovations

Several readers noted that Company, the bar on East 10th Street just west of First Avenue, is currently closed for renovations...

The sign notes they'll reopen Thursday... and that they are under new ownership... In July, the CB3/SLA committee allowed a transfer of the liquor license in an ownership change here...


nygrump said...

That was a very strange place, something was going on back stage for sure...

blue glass said...

the old owner was not a benefit to the bar or the block and never told the truth
didn't care
he couldn't melt butter with his mouth

the new guy seems to care about what he is doing
reached out to block folks before he took title
he in the process of renovating the kitchen

the proof is in the pudding
will give him time to prove himself
hope he works out