Monday, October 17, 2011

Early verdict on tonight's CB3/SLA meeting

We've heard from several people attending tonight's CB3/SLA committee meeting... early word so far:

• Yankee Pizza Restaurant Inc, 181 Ave C aka 647 E 11th St (wb)


• Jane's Sweet Buns (DeRossi Chelsea LLC), 102 St Marks Pl (wb)

APPROVED, but not before David McWater apparently called the other board members fascists for trying to block this one, according to an attendee. Looking forward to hearing more about this tomorrow on Eater, The Lo-Down, and others.

• Bobwhite Lunch and Supper Counter, 94 Ave C (wb)


This venture sounds interesting, from what we've heard... we'll have more on it later.


dwg said...

McWater did indeed go ballistic again last night. As he often does. And as usual it paints CB3 in a bad light. The man has anger management issues. No other board member has outbursts like his. None of them. Often he can be thoughtful and add to the process, but at others times he just can't contain himself and brings the proceedings to a halt with open bickering about CB3 policy and methods. This is something CB3 needs to get on top of. It's disruptive and damages their credibility. And McWater's outbursts are not just with the board. He also engages with residents in this manner with personal and angry attacks. It's as if the whole process is a personal affront to him. CB3 is not perfect and neither is the process, but as a board member he needs to be in control. If a resident showed up repeatedly behaving as McWater does their presence would not be tolerated.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Stetzer, I know that you read these blogs, so please tell us what we have to do to get David McWater out of our local government. He is bad for the neighborhood, and none of us want him in any kind of CB3 role. Mcwater is a stain on the community and far more harm than good. He simply does not represent the community, and that's what CB members are supposed to do. How do we get rid of him? (ps. you were fab' speaking at the 4th St./Stewart renaming.)

Anonymous said...

Oh um, I was there. He's down right abusive. There's something definitely wrong with him. The question I have though, is how is this allowed that a community board member should get red in the face and bully everyone with his violent outbursts, and the way he talks to women? Community Board Chair, Dominic Pisciotta does nothing about this problem. It seems to get worse and worse. It's a slap in the face to residents and community board members alike. I don't understand why Community Board members just take this abuse? They have no right to allow this kind of abuse for the sake of residents and the neighborhood. Dominic Pisciotta owes it to residents, community board members and the entire neighborhood to make sure that community board members are stable members of our society.

glamma said...

interested in bobwhite.
wtf is wrong with mcwater, god. he needs to takw a chill pill!

JAZ said...

Bobwhite Lunch and Supper Counter is such a great name - sounds like a place that would have one of those classic simple old school luncheonette signs.

Hope this place ends up being good.

Anonymous said...

So Mcwater was off the hook from the moment he walked in the door. Here are some things overhead from him (not exact quotes, but close enough):
I can’t sit here for 6 hours and not drink a soda; This committee is a sham and a joke; You run this committee like a dictator; You are a fascist; I achieved consensus on something that no one else could in 40 years and you can’t reach consensus on a lousy beer and wine license; Why don’t you tell everyone how the SLA slapped you down; My ass I will sit here and be quiet; The only reason you have time to come to these meetings is because you are not fighting a skyscraper being built next door to you because of me and; You are the worst chair of any community board committee member.

Perhaps the best was when a new applicant was willing to agree to close at normal restaurant hours - he argued that the guy should stay open until 4 am, even though the guy was willing to agree to the shorter hours. He then asked the committee member pushing for the shorter hours if someone hasn’t voted in an election if 5 years do they lose the right to vote.