Thursday, October 6, 2011

The East Village pep talk diaries

[El Jardín del Paraíso, East Fifth Street between Avenue C and Avenue D. By Bobby Williams]

We recently posted an email from a longtime East Village resident who was losing faith in the neighborhood. We asked for people to submit comments on the things that they like about the East Village. We'll periodically post some of the comments, like this one.

Steph said...
Early morning walks.
Marble Cemetery — open hours are magical
International Bar
Tile Bar
Coal Yard
Community gardens — can't express how much I love walking around on a summer weekend going into the gardens.
Summer weekends — w/o college kids and everyone being out of town makes me renew my love with the hood.
Hell's Angels
The sense of community and the diversity of people — it's still here. It's still better than all of Manhattan and don't even mention Brooklyn.

Read all the comments here.

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