Thursday, October 13, 2011

Police say this woman is stealing purses from Katz's

The Daily News reports that police are looking for the woman in this video that they say has stolen three purses from Katz's since May. She is "stealing from customers as they're busy eating."

And only three? I could have stolen around 15 purses on my last visit... and maybe a backpack or two. People leaving stuff lying around unattended.

She also allegedly nabbed a purse from the Clinton Street Baking Company in June.

Anyway. You know what to do if you have information: Call 800-577-TIPS.


Crazy Eddie said...

""I'll have what she's having." Like, her MONEY. Katz's is a major Rube location, lots of easy pickings.

VH McKenzie said...

It's the 80s all over again - pocketbook straps around the ankle, ladies, no time to be complacent.

Lindsay said...

It constantly amazes me how many people leave their stuff unattended and how little they pay attention to their possessions/surroundings. Wouldn't be surprised if it took a good chunk of time for these women to find their purses missing. People have lulled themselves into a false sense of security in this city.

Goggla said...

Don't they have a cop posted at the door?

Anonymous said...

Not a cop, just an obese Puerto Rican guy who blocks the door with his body if you don't pay.