Friday, October 7, 2011

Tonight at Theatre 80: Jennifer Blowdryer, Richard Kern and 'Story of a Junkie'

We're nearly a week into the Howl! Arts month-long benefit supporting HOWL H.E.L.P.'s (Howl Emergency Life Project. Read more about them here.)

Lots of interesting performances every night at Theatre 80 at 80 St. Mark's Place. Tonight at 8, Jennifer Blowdryer presents 86'd, "rejection stories from a colorful collection of downtown's finest."

Later, director Lech Kowalski will be on hand to introduce his 1980s heroin classic "Story of a Junkie," filmed in the East Village...

Also on the bill — Richard Kern presents his short "Zombie Hype."

The admission is $10. (If you can't make it early, then you can see the films starting at 10:30.) For more info on HOWL! Arts, go here.

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