Friday, November 11, 2011

Breaking: Bad Burger opening Wednesday on Avenue A; location includes the Bad Girl Bakery

From the EV Grieve inbox ...

Bad Burger (Breakfast All Day), a 24 Hour Diner-Nouveau venue will launch their new, second location on Wednesday November 16th, at 171 Avenue A.

Bad Burger continues to partner with NYC ICY (No. 1 Zagat rated gelato-style ice). The new location will also include the unveiling of both a new menu, and in-house baking company Bad Girl Bakery.

Equally inspired by both American Nouveau and the Classic American Diner, Bad Burger not only hails to the beef & bun classics but also fills a niche for Vegetarian, Vegan and Wheat-Free options within a range of comfort food from Cheeseburgers to Eggs Firenze, as well as Cali-Mex style plates and an armada of home made sauces.

In follow-up to their Brooklyn location (131 Grand Street at Berry St), the Avenue A location seeks to eventually serve Craft Beer and a Sommelier-honed Wine List, also with vegan options. (License-pending.)

Fun and diverse comfort food, jukeboxes, free WiFi and 24 Hour dine-in, take-out & delivery will remain the mantra at both the Brooklyn and Manhattan locations.

Opening dates for Bad Burger, 171 Avenue A:
Our doors will open to the public on Wednesday, November 16th 2011

Relive all of the Bad Burger/171 Avenue A drama right here.


Anonymous said...

i would like to meet the sommelier who can guarantee their "vegan" wine has no trace of bee parts in it. ask a winemaker.

Anonymous said...

Oh stfu, I can guarantee your organic cashew butter has rat hairs in it, too. Get over it.

Uncle Waltie said...

Any place that has a "sommelier" is out of my price range.

Shawn Chittle said...

I live above this joint and was there when owner Keith Masco tried to open a "fish bar" to serve "booze and fish." Brilliant.

So plan b is "Bad Burger" probably the worst name you could pick for a restaurant. Brilliant.

No no no no no no, you're not getting a liquor license Keith Masco.

On our tiny block we have SIX liquor licenses already.

1. Bar on A
2. Hifi
3. Beagle
4. Diablo
5. Horus
6. Westville

This is ONE block!

Avenue A has, what, 56 liquor licenses? Think maybe that's enough?

Stop insulting this block! You've been a BAD neighbor since you arrived here.

Anonymous said...

yeah, right now they are sawing or sanding in the yard.

Shut the fuck up!

These people could give a rats ass about anyone.

And get rid of NYC ICY and stop taking away business from Rays.

Masco is a partner in Cienfugos. It's despicable enough how everyone wants to strike it rich at the expense of our neighborhood, but what's even worse is how so many long time LES residents want to cash in and screw us too. And also how NY Nightlife Association members who are on the CB3 SLA Committee are doing everything they can to push through as many liquor licenses as possible.

Anonymous said...

Any burger place with its own sommelier is out of my douche range.

glamma said...

Masco has done nothing but destroy Ave A and the East Village, he's one of the worst things that happened to the East Village in the last two years. All he wants to do is make money at the expense of our culture and residents. Vulture.

Anonymous said...

I’m sorry but I can’t read these sad and bitter comments. It sounds as if these people never leave their houses. How can you legitimately complain that someone is destroying Ave A by opening up a restaurant? A 24hr diner that delivers around the clock, lets you have breakfast at any hour you desire and caters to everyone (vegans like carnivores).
I’d like to point out that anyone opening any type of business anywhere would probably like to make money, sort of comes with the territory.
Also, sommelier-honed, does not mean there will be a sommelier, you probably just like complaining a lot and bashing other people to feel better about yourself.
Lastly, I don’t think anyone is trying to screw over the East Village. If you really are from the neighborhood, how about showing some support to a new business and maybe giving the place an honest chance before making up your mind. I have personally tried their food and was far from disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Jeez you guys.. are you a bunch of old grannys or something? In case you havent noticed, the East Village has been dominated by NYU for decades and is the East Coast reigning home of amateur night since at least the early 90s.

Here you have an aspiring gastro-pub with an ambitious menu. How bad can it be? And since when was Avenue A home to the world society of grumpy old fuddy duddys? Tourism is a major driving force of the economy of our neighborhood. Much a better an like the Mascos have a try at it than another Starbucks or Super-Cuts..