Monday, November 14, 2011

[Updated] CB3/SLA votes against renewal for Diablo Royale; the Bean wins one, loses one

That's the word from attendees at tonight's CB3/SLA committee meeting going on right now... the Mexican-style saloon on Avenue A was up in the "Renewal with Complaint History" category. The Board voted 5-1 to deny a renewal of the Diablo liquor license.

According to the State Liquor Authority, the Diablo Royale license is active through Nov. 30.

In any event, a vote against a renewal here isn't the final word as we've seen in the case of Heathers and TenEleven.

Also, according to those in attendance, the committee didn't approved a request for The Bean's new location at Second Avenue and Third Street (beer and wine only), but denied the Bean's request for a license at 147 First Ave. and Ninth Street.

Updated 11-16. Ike Escava at The Bean sent us a note with a few important clarifications. Here's his email:
We decided to withdraw our application to serve wine & beer at 147 1st Ave after seeing that there were people in opposition to it. If we have community support at a later time we may try again but if it is unwanted in the community we will not. We will not even address this matter again internally until we are open and operating at that location. It is our intention to maintain the feeling and vibe of the shop at 54 2nd Ave that we built at 49 1/2 1st Ave. We applied for the wine & beer as a way to add something but we will be very careful not to let that change what we really are about.

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Shawn Chittle said...

You can be sure we block residents will be in FULL FORCE at the SLA (NY State Liquor Authority) when they weigh the renewal at the next meeting.

Go, go, Diablo's gotta go!
Go, go, Diablo's gotta go!

Sing it to this tune:

esquared said...

expect Hennings to be in a gladiator attire again at the next SLA meeting and yelling is this not why you are here. are you not entertained?

and should Diablo Royale's liquor license not get a renewal, expect him to throw another boat 'n' hoes party right before the license expires. out of spite and his way of saying f u to the neighborhood and its residents. much like what happened at Le Souk.

Anonymous said...

If the Bean has one liquor license, can it transfer it to their other location???

Anonymous said...

@esquared - nice one. What kinda real restauranteur wears a gladiator costume to his own Halloween party? Henning's has this whole conspiracy complex, that everyone who thinks his place is a real yunnie shit show is somehow in cahoots with the NYPD, SLA and DOB to shut him down. This guy is his own worst enemy as he has had two years since he opened to reach out to people in the area who are concerned and instead he just f**k you. The best part of the evening was Ariel Palitz defending him the entire time and suggesting that party buses and the screaming idiots coming in and out of them are a sign of a popular business and are okay for restaurants to have parked in front. Hope she moves to Florida when Sutra closes - she is useless and clueless.

Anonymous said...

Not only is this place filled with loud yunnies in their 12"heels wobbling into the street at 2 am screaming for a cab, they have a "C" from the NYC DOH restaurant rating guide, which it appears they have decided not to post and opted for the more infamous "Grade Pendng".

Anonymous said...

what are people not seeing about this guy Hennings

Rocky Raccoon said...

@anon 2:51
Rocky swears he saw Charlie come out of Diablo with a blonde on each arm with those little devil horn tiaras that light up. You know which ones I am talking about - you see ladies wearing them on Halloween all the time, but this wasn't Halloween it was one hot night in July. Their skirts were even a bit too short for the usual Diablo crowd and of course Charlie grinned like the King of New York. Or maybe it wasn't Charlie and was that Hennings guy. Hmm.

Jill said...

Anon 8:39am - you can't transfer a license from one location to another - it is location-based, but you can apply for a new one at the new location and argue that you are taking one away from another location and CB3 may approve based on that - they've done it before.\

I wasn't there for the Bean, but I appreciate their comment that they care about what the community thinks of their application. It's a rare comment to hear. I hope they are sincere.

Anonymous said...

as of today 11/30/11 at 1.27 the license has not been renewed!

which means they cannot sell liquor after midnite tonite