Thursday, November 3, 2011

[EVG Flashback] Team Bride confidential

Originally posted on July 25, 2008...

Did you see the women in the "team bride" T-shirts in the neighborhood Saturday night? I found a blog post on what this was all about: A bachelorette party featuring a scavenger hunt through the East Village. (There were two teams: the grooms vs. the brides.)

Anyway, in case you were wondering what that was all about, here is one of the participant's account of the evening via her blog (names and links have been left out...):

The last thing I recall about the night is having a booty off at the final bar (for those of you that are unaware, a booty off is a ass-shaking dance off competition)…and I might have won. I mean, according to me, that is. I mean, Brand New Booty comes on and no one can shake it like I can. You have to trust me with this.

And really…what is better than spending a weekend with some of your best girls…hanging out in NYC all day and night and having a booty off?

Exactly. Nothing.

Man I love New York.

Some more highlights:

* Asking a crackhead in Thompkins Square Park for directions to a statue and having a homeless man interuppt to give me “real” directions and be strangely alert, happy, and friendly for being outside at 12am in this park

* Going into one of the East Village Precincts with my biggest smile and please be nice to me look on my face while asking the cops if they would take some pictures with us for the game. (they did -– never underestimate the power of boobies in a tight tee shirt)

* Following a guy with tons of tattoos carrying 2 bags of garbage to a graveyard (riiiight)

Did I mention I love NYC? Only in New York could we do a Scavenger Hunt where every area we walked in downtown was filled with people ready to help us with our more outrageous tasks (and this being the East Village most were low key artiste hippie types with lots of “I wanna help” qualities.”)

All the streets were packed with a wide variety of flavorful different people. I am used to this area because one of my siblings lived here (but more towards Union Square and not Alphabet City)…but I could get around Gramercy Park, Murray Hill, Midtown and the Upper East Side in my sleep. Slowly throughout the years I am becoming more and more familiar with the gloriousness that is Soho, TriBeca, West Village and Greenwich Village and many other cute downtown areas. Ah, I love those areas.

But East Village is a whole other animal in many ways . . . Its a quirky and sometimes downright bizarre place…where some streets are almost quiet and dainty and the others are filled with people 24-7 and lined with bars, quick food joints, and restaurants. What a trip a hunt was around there.

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